Monday, January 23, 2012


People always saying things without connecting their tongue with the brain. To be frank, me myself somehow doing the same thing sometimes. How I wish I could just stop people from saying bad things. No matter how pious you are, you will at least make a mistake. We are human that was born perfectly with incomplete attitudes. Fact. That's what we called "life as a period of learning". When we make mistakes, and we realize it, we need just need to stop it. And not repeating the same thing all over again. Just another self reminder. I have been thinking about what I've been gone through and what I've learned for the whole 20 years. Abruptly, I can't remember all of them. I mean, there must be few moments that I couldn't recalled. Too much happiness, heartache and some of them makes me wonder, how would a life be, without a single mistake? A subject which remain inexplicable.

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