Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Monday with random thoughts

I really have to thank God because I'm still breathing. You know even somehow there are lot of things that keeps burdening you, but you have no choices instead of finding your own escapism and run really far away from people who used to hurt you. I got random thoughts in my mind this morning on forgetting someone you love. Well, it has been officially a year since the day me and him break apart. The longest period of me being single. Big Woott! to that. The reason is simple. It's not about the existence of a third person but we are just hard to understand each other (at that moment) so yaa that's the best solution for us. I have learned how to accept and keep myself cool. yeahh cool is the word. lol. I admit it, a year still not enough for me. I don't even know why his lost has been a memory which is really hard for me to forget. I don't have much idea on why it feels like he's still there. I'm still praying. I don't have much hope on that. But I believe InsyaAllah, if God wants us to be together, it will become reality but if not, I'll accept it just like how I'm trying to do right now. Pray for my strength guys.




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