Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thanks to them!

Heyyy people, it has been a while since my last entry kan. Well, I just don't feel like blogging or anything. And FYI, I am on my hols. Sem breakkkk babyy! A bit awkward without having a date, yeahhh because there's no boyfriend. Lol.

Life has been really sucks for the past few months. Feels like I have nothing and hopeless, useless, and any words that have "less" in the end could
not described how hurt it was. Lol. But Thank You Allah for the precious gift named "FRIENDS". Those awesome roomates that never leave me during the moment of FIGHTING WITH LONELINESS! And yeahhhh, now I'M FRESH!

Those stuff that helped me ;)

Handphones, money and make up cheer me up!

I will take this at least once a week (That's horrible crime!)

and Introducing the people

My drug, Shazreena Zakaria

Deena Azz! (ade je dia ni kat mana2. Kak long saya!)

One of the "Jaguh 5 Ceria" Nabieha Razak ;)

From left: Nurfatin Syahida, anon, Cik Kora and Nuna Anilsah

Thanks so much for helping me guys. Finally, I can move on and be happy with everything that I have. Thanks a lot. Dear girls, I know that I'm not perfect, but I'll try my best to be there for you guys, anytime!

Shazreena had just started with class and stuff in UiTM (I MISS HER LIKE CRYING!) while the rest are safe at home (I guess) enjoying our holidays definitely! Talking about Deena, yeahhh, we are like before! Alhamdulillah. I hope that there's nothing that could separate us! Sorry for everything okayyy :)

Kira, Bieha, Aten and Nuna, I guess words can't described how nice you guys are for helping me during the beginning of semester where my life was on a terrible condition. Love you till my last breath! (not "breast" okayy, aku tau korg suka tukar2. hahaha)

P/S: Psttttttt btw, I went for a vacation with my BFF, Hafizi and his friends. It was crazyyy and ouh-someee. From Kuantan to Cherating then headed to Genting and get our ass back to Malacca! What a long journeyy. But, those pictures are still with Farah and I'll update once I got it ;)

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