Thursday, April 7, 2011


Heyyy yawwww. I've just cme back from Malacca past few days (yeahh a bit outdated And I went back to my kampung which is located at Asahan and fyi, I had a really fun time! I met those awesome cousins and "gila gila" aunties and uncles. We really had fun. Talk till midnight and there's no more voice for us to speak (how terrible it was)

So as usual, I will definitely berkepit with this girl

Erghhhh I cant stop loving her and I want to be with her forever.

So the trip from Malacca Sentral to "kampung" with this girl was overwhelming. We had a long talk which including gossips on BRAND NEW HOT GUYYYYYS. how gatal kan. I was the driver and she is the MEM BESAR laa in that car . It was totally a tiring day. A journey from Kuantan to Malacca was exhausted. But once I saw Eyna's so called cute expression, all the feelings had gone (Aku sweet kan eyna!) haha

ITS FUN! well, it has been a while since I met her. So after we are done with all the stuff at Kampung, we went back to Malacca on Saturday evening. I mean the city of Malacca (BUKIT KATIL, to be more specific) Yes, again, I was the driver. (Eyna, you should drive after this!) haha. Only both of us are going back coz' I have lots of things to be done since there's no internet connection available at my kampung. So mak and abah, pakteh and makteh left.

There you go. We reached at eyna's house around 8pm. and of course we are so lapar on that time, so we decided to go to A&W (tak berbaloi), makan and I met FIZI, my super bff and we did lots of talking, sharing things, and updating our rship status, and of course laa dia ade gf kan. Jaga awek lu betul2 bro! FYI,from that day, I hate A&W it is expensive and not affordable at all! I spend more than RM10 for a single meal which I think if I were about to spend on food, I could have more appetizing meals at MCD! Eyna, Fizi and Leey, lain kali kita pegi MCD je! jgn gatal2 nak tukar selera!

Definitelyyy, I was the one who could never stop laughing. This is why I love to meet FIZI coz he is the gila gila one. We did lots of critics. We went to DP and watching people doing rock climbing, its funny since fizi had come out with his stupid jokes and sometimes it could be serious but still I will laugh at him with his innocent looks! haha.

So after a long night, we went home. I packed up my stuff and be ready for Kuantan :)

Okay, I wonder where should I put the "lots of things to be done" and about "the needs of internet connection"

Errrrrrr... okayy bye! haha

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