Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeps getting better ;)

Hey people, yeahhh again, it has been awhile since my last entry. Im out to search for courage and strength and now im back babes magnet!

People around me help me lots! Well, i feel better than before (see my previous entry).lolz. ALHAMDULILLAH I enjoyed myself with the boys and the girls especially. They are my everything. It seems like my life will definitely jump into dullness without them.

This is my new life, with new people. I still remember what Abg Zam has told me. "You will not going to die without your bf/gf" It is true that you will obviously feels down, sad and become a bit emotional (i mean really really emo especially girls) but there are still path that you can choose to achieve your real happiness! Well, I really love to talk with him since he really have lots of experience. His words always make me think deeper to realize that life is actually a bless from Allah and we should live it to the fullest and stop making it become complicated! ;)

Frankly speaking people, I love the way I live my life right now. My family, My Friends are always be there for me, no matter how happy and sad am I. They are everywhere!


p/s: I'm going back HOME! weeeeeeeeeeee

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